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Metrobus is a bus service operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Its fleet consists of 1,595 buses covering an area of 1,500 square miles (3,900 km2) in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. There are 269 bus routes serving 11,129 stops, including 2,554 bus shelters. In 2016, Metrobus provided approximately 123.6 million trips.


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Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Ambiente muy desequilibrado en cuestión trabajo/salario Cons: Nada de prestaciones"

Soporte de Sistemas (Former Employee) says

"No contabamos con lo suficientes para dar un buen soporte y se padecia de hostigamiento laboral. Cons: No habia seguro social ni prestaciones"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not a Company I would recommend, too regimental, too petty and have standards well below the average. Hours are far too long, early and late shifts in same week cause health problems. Cons: Hours and working patterns very unfriendly. Poor management."

Supervisor de operaciones y mantenimiento mecánico (Former Employee) says

"La empresa no es tan mala, el problema es qué hay mucha gente incompetente en los puestos como jefes y eso se vuelve muy estresante Cons: Te relajas de más"

Supervisor de equipo de recaudo (Current Employee) says

"Todos los días son diferentes siempre hay nuevos problemas que requieren de soluciones rápidas y efectivas Cons: Pago de nómina después de cada mes"

Sales Consultanti (Former Employee) says

"It is good company Cons: Yes"

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at metrobus involves checking vehicles, driving set routes and dealing with passengers. Cons: long hours, shift work."

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"company is part of a large group it is ok to work for. shifts are ok there is no real typical day"

Secrétaire directeur service exécution (Former Employee) says

"Un salaire super attractif pour une débutante dans une entreprise à taille humaine"

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worked here in the early 2000's and was not happy you were picked up for the most trivial mistake and were forced to drive quickly even if passengers got a rough ride because of it Cons: Your just a number not a name"

Operations schedules/Roster officer/Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"Work with little or no supervision Cons: Moderate hours"

Bus Driver (Current Employee) says

"Trained for pcv test and easy job after a few months of remembering everything. Plenty of overtime,but poor social life due to shift work. Staff are mostly friendly. Cons: shift work, long hours, can be stressful."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"A very good local network of routes with additional work including contracted services for various councils, schools, football and Rail Replacement and other events. Cons: Too many to list"

Work study intern (Former Employee) says

"Metrobus is a good work place to work in because it is a government oriented organisation. We serve the public which for me feels like giving back to the society. Cons: Resistant to change"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"IF YOU CANT HANDLE PRESSURE DON’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB!!!!!After all the tests and all the driving,when your out on your own with a bus full of people,and all the concentrating watching passengers and checking mirrors/dashboard lights /bell ringing ,staying on time,traffic.........the first 3 months of that,if you can handle that......then after 3 months it will allllll slot into place ....and then you’ll start to enjoy it,I’ve been here five years now and I’m glad I had this job through this silly COVID 👍👍👍👍 Cons: Long hours"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Progression opportunities few and far between Cons: shift patterns"


"Muito agradável, companheirismo sempre"

Assistante commerciale (Former Employee) says

"leader en son domaine"

RESPONSABLE HORS MÉDIA (Current Employee) says

"Une entreprise a taille humaine qui offre à chacun des collaborateurs de s'épanouir dans un univers proche des voyageurs des transports en communs sur Paris et dans une cinquantaine de villes en France. Cons: -"